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Why chose our range of large-span doors?

Performance recommends them first and foremost.

We know that large spans are primarily a challenge for door efficiency in terms of thermal insulation from the inside. Therefore, our products are made of high-quality materials that include both the profiles, the hardware and the triple glazed windows themselves. The resulting unit can provide the effective noise and thermal insulation of each large-span space. Therefore, you save energy regardless of the season without giving up any natural light. In short, you benefit from a door as large as a wall, for a terrace as you imagined.


The large span areas allow the glazing of the space to obtain a modern, bright and relaxing room. And if you worry about the outside noise and the heat loss, forget everything you thought so far: our solutions for sliding doors transform the wall into a huge window.

All these without losing the indoor comfort you are used to.


             Do you want every moment spent indoors to get you out of                        your daily routine and give you truly unique moments?

Choose to create a terrace in your own house, taking advantage of the large-span area available to you. Folding doors are innovative solutions, helping you to change your home design. Enjoy a comforting view of the comfort of your home, regardless of the season. Let the natural light come inside and look confidently at every challenge in your life - your wellbeing always finds its

resources at home.

Enjoy the mobility provided by the ample room of the door span thanks to the folding system made of mobile-folding panels that fold and slide to allow total opening for a truly impressive view.

The doors are easy and fast to use thanks to the high-quality hardware and the highest quality materials used.

In addition, our range of bi-fold doors provide a high degree of thermal and noise insulation for quiet moments every day.

The safety of your home has not been forgotten either. The folding doors can be fitted with special locking systems and glazing assemblies provided with increased protection against impacts or intrusion attempts.



Prices are calculated based on customer's dimensions and choice of profile - please contact us for details and quote. 

Price provided per quote only, per square meter - our sliding doors will provide the best comfort money can buy, transforming any interior into an airy space. 

*Price may vary depending on manufacturing costs. Quote available at any time, discounts for larger orders and signed up partners - email for details. 

Bi-Fold Triple Glazed Door

  • Made to measure only - free quote available.  

    Processing time for orders 6-8 weeks. 

    Returns accepted if the product arrives faulty or not meeting standards stated in description. Please document fault with pictures to avoid delays in refund.  

    Return only accepted in original packaging with all accessories included.  

    Buyer pays return costs. 

    We offer two types of shipping options: 

    1. Shipping costs can be added to final price - please get in touch for accurate quote. 

    2. Delivery can be sourced by customer or collection - please get in touch prior to ordering. 

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