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Exclusive doors: sublime aesthetics allowing our customers to truly reflect their personality through the design of their homes.

Available in standard sizes or made to order, our Exclusive range features the latest technology and style.

The Exclusive range brings new to market absolutely astonishing designs that manufactured with great attention to detail. With a wide combination of materials, colours and accessories they express balance, attractiveness and give uniqueness to each model. Innovative in all ways, doors in this range can be fitted with fingerprint or keypad locks - hardware that is a long-term investment that provides safety and reliability while also making a major contribution to home design.

The price shown is for a standard door with the dimensions of 100 com x 210 cm is listed below, the door comes with all accessories included. Any extra features or made to order doors will have to be submitted for a quote.


In detail, the ornamental door panel is made out of layered PVC, HPL (High Pressure Laminate) or aluminium, with a choice of fillings: type A, B, C or standard (please see details for each below).


The door panel can be made of up to 7 layers to ensure maximum protection and exquisite finish:

1 – Aluminium / PVC / HPL

2 – 0.4 mm Galvanised steel sheet

3 – OSB

4 – MDF

5 – Triple or double glazed window

6 – Polyfoam XPS insulation 15-43 mm

7 – Front Ornaments


Standard door panels dimensions: 100 cm x 210 cm (W x H)


Standard extras:

Standard side panel dimensions: 400 cm x 210 cm (W x H)

Standard transom window dimensions: 100 cm x 400 cm (W x H)

Custom side panels and transom windows available - please ask for a quote. 


Type C panel: Aluminium/PVC/HPL + MDF + galvanised steel 0.4 mm + XPS 15-43 mm

Type B: Aluminium/PVC/HPL + OSB + XPS 15-43 mm

Type A: Aluminium/PVC/HPL + MDF + XPS 15-43 mm

Standard: Aluminium/PVC/HPL + XPS 15-43 mm


*Price per standard door at stated dimensions shown in buy option

**Please allow a maximum of 8 weekd from order to delivery. 

Exclusive Range

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