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Our range of security anti-burglary doors are designed using the latest technology to ensure longevity, sophistication and elegance. Their stylish design will impress and add a modern image anywhere they are fitted. Suitable for residential houses or business locations, they will provide extra security without the extra price!  

Weather-resistant, this range of exterior doors is designed for a long life under the action of environmental factors, while ensuring stability and comfort inside the house. The double glazed window allows light to enter into the house, the stylish wrought iron decorative piece adds to its unique style, enhancing the finish design of any home.


Available to Pre-order in all RAL colours, standard or custom size. Please up to four weeks order handling time. 

Security Front Door - H3

  • This range of doors are made of galvanized steel with a thickness of 0.8 mm, with a pattern made by imprinting, it is sealed with a EuroStrip gasket and has an impact resistance greater than 2.5 Nm. 
    The insulation is made of mineral wool with transverse fibres with a density of 85 kg/m. This ensures an energy saving of approximately 30% and a sound absorption index of 0.99. The door sheet has both sides joined by welding, and the frame is made of 1.5 mm thick galvanized steel sheet.  

    The metal door is painted with pearl powder paint in an electrostatic field, giving the paint a good resistance to aging in atmospheric conditions and to UV radiation. The thickness of the paint layer is 60-80 microns. 

    The door is highlighted by several security elements that increase the level of security against opening the door by burglary, all included in the standard price: 

    • Two multi point door locks with cylinder made of steel to resist corrosion  

    • anti-burglary seal 

    • additional shields welded on the inside of the door next to the latches, to cancel the possibility of drilling the latch next to the anti-burglary seal 

    • fixed bolts welded on the door top that become active when the door is closed, thus making the removal of the door from the frame impossible. 

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